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F’ville Police arrest five suspects when they return to Dick’s to steal more guns

A gang of robbers decided one trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods was not enough. After breaking into Dick’s in Fayetteville in the early morning hours of December 21 and getting away with nine firearms, five suspects decided to come back for more around 4 a.m. Thursday morning.

When five men, believed to be the same suspects in the first burglary, tripped the security alarm, Fayetteville Police officers arrived on the scene before they could flee. Two guns stolen during the Dec. 21 burglary were recovered, along with all of the firearms in Thursday’s failed attempt.

The suspects are Terrance Coffil, 20, of Union City, Trevion Hinesman, 19, of Fairburn, Daevon Speller, 21, of Union City, Dante Stubbs, 22, of Fairburn, and Brandon Wallace, 24, of Union City.