At their first work session of 2019, the Fayetteville City Council got their initial look at proposed tweaks to the Pinewood Forest development agreement. The changes would pertain to an event center, multi-use paths and sidewalks, and use of accessory dwelling units.

The moves are aimed at making the development more enticing to prospective home buyers.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to get them out there,” said Rick Halbert, Vice President of Construction & Development for Pinewood Forest. “We’re trying to be transparent with what we’re trying to do out there.”

Pinewood Forest would like to add an indoor/outdoor event center to their plans, saying it would be a space that would be open for public rental for meetings, baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and other events.

They are also proposing incorporating a path plan into the development agreement that would call for 5- to 10-foot concrete sidewalks in commercial/mixed-use areas, 5-foot slate sidewalks in single-family residential areas, and 7-foot slate trails throughout the residential and amenity areas and around the perimeter of the development.

Because of the location of the parking lot for the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center, the slate sidewalk would encroach into the Right of Way on a portion fronting along Veterans Parkway.

Concerns about the sidewalk cutting too close to the road could be eased by impending safety measures. Director of Public Services Chris Hindman noted that the city is already looking into dropping the posted speed limit in the area between the roundabouts down to 25 miles per hour.

Halbert also assured they plan to “heavily, heavily” landscape the portion to block the view of the lot from the street.

The current development agreement allows for a maximum of 100 residential accessory dwelling units and says they are limited to use by the owner of the property and not to be available for rent, but a key change would allow for them to be offered as rental units.

The rental units would be an added living option, especially for people who may be coming to work on movie sets and want arrangements more stable than an extended stay hotel or Airbnb.

“I think it helps address the workforce housing issue,” said City Manager Ray Gibson.

The work session represented the first reading of the development agreement amendments, and they will be voted on at a future city council meeting.