Sam Latzzis, at right in a mug shot from a prior arrest, is still on the loose as of Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly 24 hours after a domestic dispute caused numerous police vehicles to converge on Ga. Highway 314, the fugitive was spotted near Lee’s Mill Road Saturday, but has still eluded capture.

“We’re dealing with a regular Houdini,” said Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb.

The suspect, Sam Latzzis, once escaped a penitentiary and was not apprehended for six months, Babb added.

The incident started at nearly 1 p.m. Friday afternoon in the 700 block of Hwy. 314 when Latzzis got into a domestic dispute with his brother. The brother left the house, but Latzzis refused to leave. As more and more officers arrived, Latzzis fired shots from a pellet gun at the police. He later surrendered the gun for cigarettes, Babb said.

Commuters flooded social media sites trying to determine what was occurring. At one point, Latzzis appeared outside the house with knives duct taped to his hands. Deputies used a less lethal weapon on him, but he retreated back in the house.

“We try our utmost not to use anything resembling lethal force and ensure no one is hurt” Babb said.

Latzzis escaped the home after three hours, and the police unit’s K-9 units were deployed, but lost the scent.

The dogs were back at work Saturday morning, but Babb said they are “almost slap wore out.”

On his Facebook page, Latzzis, who lists himself as a retired hoodlum, posted Friday morning “The time has come.”

As the search continues, Babb said the department assumes he is armed and urges caution in north Fayette County.

“He’s a version of Eric Rudolph.”

The SWAT team was called out Friday to deal with a dangerous situation. Photo/Michael Clifton