Federal officials, along with local law enforcement, made arrests Monday in a months-long investigation of a psychiatrist’s office, according to a statement released by Assistant District Attorney Warren Sellers.

“On Monday, Jan. 28, agents of the DEA and local law enforcement executed a search warrant at the medical office of psychiatrist Dr. Ginari Price known as Psycare, LLC located at 101 Devant Street, Unit 504 in Fayetteville.  Sellers said a search warrant was also executed at the home of Dr. Price and her husband Michael Price on Westbridge Road. 

“Four individuals were arrested that day, Dr. Ginari Price, her husband Michael Price, Nurse Practitioner Ngozi Okoro, and Nurse Practitioner Marie Pierre. Evidence was discovered during the investigation that during several months while Dr. Price was absent from the practice and not seeing any patients, the four worked together to continue issuing prescriptions for controlled substances in Dr. Price’s name to both former and new patients,” Sellers said. 

He said the individuals were each charged with unlawful distribution and dispensation of controlled substances, conspiracy to commit unlawful distribution and dispensation of controlled substances, practicing medicine without a license, and conspiracy to commit practicing medicine without a license.  

“Since Dr. Price held a medical license, she was charged as a party to the crimes related to practicing medicine without a license for assisting others in commission of those crimes,” he added.

Dr. Price has been in the Fayette County Jail since Oct. 2018 after she failed to appear in court for a 2016 traffic arrest in Peachtree City that included a driving under the influence and endangering a child among other charges. A bench warrant was issued and she was picked up in October.