Senoia will soon have a new dining option…at least for the next few months.

The Senoia City Council approved an amendment to its municipal code to allow food trucks in the city.

However, the trucks will only be allowed on Monday evenings.

Mayor Jeff Fisher explained the city has received numerous requests to allow food trucks in the city. He said many of the city’s downtown restaurants are closed on Monday night, so the food trucks will be allowed then to help lure some more foot traffic in the city for the numerous vendors in the city’s bustling downtown.

“This is a pilot project. If it doesn’t work, we have the ability to shut it down at the end off the year,” he said.

Local restaurant owner Jim White, who owns Bistro Hilary and Jimmy Pomodoro’s decried the plan.

“We have to pay rent, staff, etc. If we lose five people on a Monday night, that could be very detrimental,” he said.

Fisher said many of the folks interested in the food trucks would not necessarily be the people interested in the city’s brick and mortar restaurants.