Could another unique development be following on the heels of Pinewood Forrest in Fayetteville? The project is conceptual at this point, but a brief peek at what is being called Folia Crossroad should stoke the interest of many.

Folia Crossroad would include residential, with homes split into different styles ranging from Greek Revival to Farm, retail and business space, medical offices, and a school, among other uses. The site plan shows it on land fronting Hwy. 54 between Lake Bennett and Piedmont Fayette Hospital and near Pinewood Forrest. The land is owned by the Williams family, the proprietors of Fun Junction USA in Fayetteville.

Folia Crossroad came up for discussion at Thursday’s City of Fayetteville Council Meeting as part of talk about the comprehensive plan update. Chitra Subbarayan with Ackerman and Company, speaking on behalf of the property owners wanted to ensure in part that the zoning for the land in question would not change from Neighborhood Mixed Use to Low-Density Residential, which could hamper plans.

Among those plans is a farm-to-table restaurant, a feature that many might find similar to those at Serenbe, a “New Urban” village in nearby Chattahoochee Hills known for its residential design, retail, art community, and agricultural focus, including an organic farm.

According to Jahnee Prince, Interim Director of Community Development for the City of Fayetteville, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee initially had concerns that the development could detract from Downtown Fayetteville under a Walkable Mixed Use designation. A deeper look at the site shows it would be roughly 40 percent wetlands and include a working farm with overall more green space, open space, and conservation area, a plan more amenable to the committee. The site will see one of the updates coming to the Future Land Use Map and the rest of the Comprehensive Plan when it returns to the City Council for the last time May 18.