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Now that we are well into the school year, children are once again together and spreading their germs everywhere. As fall approaches, the weather will get colder, and the flu season will begin to run rampant among the public. Children will innocently spread their germs from one child to another and then onto their parents, where it will go from person to person throughout the community. It is official, the flu season will soon be quickly upon us, and so the doctors’ offices and pharmacies across the country are pushing this year’s strain of the flu shot.
I learned a long time ago, after several hundred miserable cold and flu seasons, that getting a flu shot was the wonderful alternative to me being sick and miserable all winter long. My husband used to say that I am a catcher’s mitt to any germ that comes along. If there is a flu or cold to be caught I would usually catch it. Many people don’t like the idea of the flu shot. Either they have had bad reactions to the initial vaccination or they don’t trust that it will work for some reason. I used to be among those skeptics until finding that I was much better off not having the flu at all by getting a seasonal flu shot.
Yesterday, while ringing up some necessary medications at the pharmacy counter the technician asked me if I would like to get a flu shot while I was here. Taken a little off guard by this question, I quickly said no and moved on. I usually get my flu shot at the doctor’s office, by a certified nurse who I am confident has been properly trained to give injections safely. Now I know it’s not a difficult thing to do, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to give an injection, still I like knowing that my medical practitioner is giving it to me.
Gone are the days of doctors making house calls, so if you have even the slightest sniffle and want to be checked out you have to pay a hefty price in medical insurance and go see a doctor. Now that we are in the age of convenience and everyone wants things at the drop of a hat, it has become more popular to see minute clinics pop up in pharmacies across the country. It’s just another way for people to see a medical practitioner without the hefty fees and having to make an appointment a few days in advance. All of these places offer flu shots as well, but when I did my research I found it isn’t much cheaper than going to an actual doctor’s office. In fact, Walmart is almost as expensive as my co-pay at the doctor’s office, so whether I need to or not, I prefer to get my flu shot at my trusted physician’s office.
It is your choice where you want to get yours, but even if you are skeptical about it, the flu strains are continuously getting worse every year. Some have actually been known to kill people. Don’t be among those who were obstinate about getting one; get your flu shot today, because the flu season is quickly upon us.