Fayette County


First Lady Deal visits Piedmont Fayette Hospital

A mother of four and a grandmother to six, Mrs. Sandra Deal, the First Lady of Georgia, has a big heart for children. She has traveled around the state to stress the importance of keeping Georgia’s children healthy. On Monday morning, she visited Piedmont Fayette Hospital’s Family Care Center and spoke with several new mothers about the importance of immunizations for their babies.

July is Immunization Awareness Month and Mrs. Deal provided all of the new mothers with a card that also had a tear-away form to keep track of their child’s immunizations.

“This is so you can always have it with you,” Mrs. Deal informed the new mothers. “It can fit in your wallet and you have it available for when you go to doctor’s appointments.”

In addition to speaking about immunizations, Mrs. Deal also talked about brain development and proper sleeping positions for infants.

“It is so important to talk to your babies, and not just baby talk,” Mrs. Deal stated, talking about a recent study. “It really helps them build their vocabulary and they become much better readers when they have a good vocabulary.”

Deal also noted that breastfeeding provided a baby’s first immunization. Breast milk contains many infection-fighting substances and even makes some immunizations work better.

The new moms at Piedmont Fayette were excited to meet the First Lady, but the newborns slept through all the excitement.

“We’re so proud of you,” Mrs. Deal said to each of the new mothers and the sleeping infants. “Hopefully, they’ll sleep this well when they get home.”