Fayette County Sheriff’s Office investigators are looking for clues relating to two Entering Auto cases that resulted in purses being stolen at Lake Horton Saturday afternoon.

According to Public Information Officer Renee McCollum, witnesses said they saw a suspicious black Chevrolet Suburban SUV in the boat ramp parking lot around 12:30 Saturday afternoon, and within an hour of that time two different victims called 9-1-1 to report their cars had been vandalized and their purses had been stolen from the front-seat areas of their cars.

McCollum said one vehicle had just the driver’s window smashed out, while the other vehicle had both the driver’s window and the driver’s-side rear window smashed out.

Around 7:35 that same morning, another victim called 9-1-1 to report a car break-in at their home on Summerville Drive in nearby Brooks.

McCollum said she is not sure yet if there is a link between the cases at the boat ramp and the case in Brooks, but she said the two boat ramp incidents are considered to be linked to the same suspect or suspects.

Anyone with helpful information is asked to call Detective Watson at 770-716-1871.