By Sydney Spencer

Fayetteville resident Brenda Dickens, 43, had a warrant out for her arrest since early April. She was recently taken into custody in Clayton County due on an allegation of elderly abuse and financial identity fraud.

Dickens was arrested June 8 by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department on multiple counts of elder abuse and financial identity fraud. The financial identity fraud counts amount to 31 and the elder abuse charges equate to nine bringing the total of charges to forty.

“We have been following her trail for months,” local authorities told the Fayette County News.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s department had been monitoring Dickens’ spending for months and linked her to each count of alleged financial identity theft. Dickens was allegedly getting her victims’ personal information by stealing it out of their mailboxes.

Local authorities believe Dickens would use the victims’ information to open new accounts under their name and use the routing number from those new accounts on the checks she allegedly stole from them as well, so everything continued to stay under the victims’ names.

“The elder abuse comes from majority of the casualties being over 65 years of age,” FCN was told.

Dickens is being held at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office without bond.