REA Ventures' plan for Abbington Square
REA Ventures’ plan for Abbington Square

Locals concerned about the 60-unit REA Ventures apartment building proposed for Fayetteville can chill for a few months, as city council members Thursday night voted unanimously to table the necessary rezoning vote until December.

REA Ventures representatives originally presented plans showing an 80-unit apartment building on that corner of Hwy. 85 and Lafayette Avenue, but Fayetteville city staffers threw up red flags over density concerns. Developers then responded with a 60-unit plan, but city staffers responded saying 40 was a more reasonable number.

All the while, many residents and business leaders have flooded Fayetteville City Hall with concerns, not only to do with placing high-density residential on what is already a congested traffic node, but also over the fact that the project called Abbington Square would be government subsidized and would cater to people on lower incomes. City staffers have distanced themselves from that thinking, saying they can’t make zoning decisions based on project funding methods, and they have maintained that their concerns center around the density and location of REA Ventures’ proposed project.

Just the same, REA Ventures principals have threatened to sue the City of Fayetteville if they vote against their rezoning request, saying they feel like the city might be discriminating against them because of the nature of their project.

And that’s when the tabling began. City officials, who seemed poised to vote against the rezoning, at the recommendation of City Attorney David Winkle tabled the vote. And then they tabled it again. And now it is tabled until December.