Fayette County


Humane society gets grant for stray cat program

Peachtree City December 23, 2014 Fayette Humane Society (FHS) is pleased to have received a grant from Best Friends Animal Society for its Trap-Neuter-Return program to help Peachtree City humanely control its community cat population.

FHS participates in Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network, a program offering help and support to grassroots animal rescue groups saving lives in their communities.

This grant project targets free-roaming community cats at serious risk of being killed if they enter shelters,said Liz Finch, senior manager of Best Friends Community Programs and Services. It provides an innovated solution to save their lives in alignment with Best Friends’ determination to help Save Them All.

With this program, homeless, free-roaming cats are sterilized using trap-neuter-return (TNR), the widely accepted, humane method of controlling populations of free-roaming cats. The cats are also vaccinated.

TNR is an alternative to the trap and kill policies that traditionally have been employed to address an abundance of stray cats and nuisance complaint situations, Finch said. Trap and kill repeatedly has been proven to be ineffective, cost-prohibitive and publicly unpalatable.

The FHS is very grateful to receive the award. Working with Fayette County Animal Control, the FHS recently completed a TNR test at four sites around Fayette County. The results in cost savings to the taxpayers and feline lives spared convinced the Fayette County Commissioners of the benefits of implementing TNR as the preferred solution to feral cat overpopulation.

“This grant means that we can add to our efforts to one day make Fayette County a no-kill community,”said Sharon Marchisello. “Our goal for these funds is to perform 140 spay/neuter operations over 2015. We would like to thank Best Friends Animal Society for their support in making this project a great success.”

Every day, approximately 9,000 pets are killed in shelters because they don¡¯t have a home. Best Friends Animal Society and its No More Homeless Pets Network partners, such as FHS are committed to saving them. This lifesaving grant is part of Best Friends Animal Society’s work to help Save Them All.