Fayetteville City Hall officials confirmed recently that 54 Development and CEO Perry Knight effectively dodged a three-year building moratorium by mitigating their property located on Hwy. 54 between Weatherly Drive and Knight Way after having nearly all of the property’s trees illegally harvested last summer.

As of late November, no significant progress had been made to clean up the mess left behind, and neighbors in the area voiced concerns that they would have to continue to look at the environmental devastation, which some described as looking like a tornado had touched down there.

Mayor Greg Clifton dubbed the site “Treemageddon” and urged city staff to pursue the matter, ultimately threatening a three-year moratorium on the property if it was not mitigated. In other words, if the developer didn’t sufficiently clear the land and plant screening vegetation on the property portions that face neighboring Weatherly Walk Apartments and Weatherly subdivision, the developer would not be able to build on the land for another three years.

In fact, the moratorium, according to City Hall, would have been transferred with the property to any future buyer as well if the property had been purchased within that three years.

Knight finally contacted the city in early December, apologized for the mitigation delay and promised to have everything sorted out by the end of January.

With that mitigation project completed to the city’s satisfaction, the moratorium was never initiated, says City Manager Ray Gibson.

While the property is listed as being for sale, Gibson said Monday he is not aware of any interested buyers as yet.