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Fayetteville denies Verizon sign appeal

Jimmy Newman with Clayton Signs earlier this month asked Fayetteville City Council members to allow his client Verizon Wireless to keep its oversized signage on its new store across Hwy. 85 from Fayette Pavilion.

Council members tabled a vote for two weeks, but Thursday night they came back with a rejection of that request. While some council members indicated the problem was that the applicant used the wrong paperwork to file an appeal, according to city staff, the problem was simply that the elements constituting signs on Verizon’s exterior walls are larger than the city’s sign ordinance allows.

At that earlier council meeting, Newman argued that city staff members were at fault for the faux pas. He said the city approved the sign application his company submitted on behalf of Verizon.

However, Fayetteville Director of Community Development Brian Wismer defended staff members, saying the application and the city’s ordinance are clear in terms of sign dimensions and that the misunderstanding was on the part of Clayton Signs.

Wismer said Thursday that the applicant did also appeal using wrong paperwork, and that the city is open to working with Verizon and Clayton Signs to bring the signs into compliance with city standards.

“The intent is not to force them to spend unnecessary money,” said Mayor Greg Clifton. He noted, as had others, that the city is concerned that allowing the oversized signage could set a precedent in the city that would negate the sign ordinance.