Two months after Fayette County announced it would be ending automatic fire and emergency services aid to the City of Fayetteville, county and city fire department officials have drafted a new mutual aid agreement that may be ratified as early as Sept. 11.
Earlier this year, elected officials from both the county and city put together a proposal to consolidate the Fayetteville Fire Department and the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services. That proposal never cleared a vote by Fayetteville City Council members, so the county responded with its announcement regarding discontinuation of automatic aid.
According to reports, County Manager Steve Rapson said at the time he was open to new automatic aid proposals. The first draft of that proposal, which Rapson said included collaboration from both sides, will be presented Thursday night at the Fayetteville City Council meeting.
“There are significant changes,” Rapson said Tuesday morning. “There used to be 27 categories we were dispatched on, and now there’s only two.”
Those two types of calls for which the county would be dispatched to aid Fayetteville, according to the draft document, involve residential fires and commercial building fires.
“It’s a decent compromise between the two entities,” Rapson said.
When asked if the new plan would benefit the county, Rapson said the plan was more about helping the city.
“We don’t need the city supporting our efforts,” he said. “The city needs our efforts.”
Thursday’s council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Fayetteville City Hall.