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Fayetteville cinema setting stricter curfew for children

Cinemark’s Tinseltown cinema in Fayetteville’s Fayette Pavilion shopping center will enforce a new, stricter child curfew starting this weekend, according to Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Pitts.
Last month, several officers with the Fayetteville Police Department and Fayette County Sheriff’s Department responded to a Saturday night fight that broke out in the Tinseltown lobby. Officers reportedly were alerted at first that a large fight had broken out, but upon arrival learned it was an isolated fight between two teenaged girls that had drawn a large crowd of teenaged spectators. It was in response to that April 16 incident that Pitts revealed he was already working with Tinseltown management, including corporate management in Plano, Texas, to put policies in place that are hoped to reduce these sorts of incidents.
Pitts announced Monday that Tinseltown will now enforce a Friday and Saturday 6 p.m. curfew for unaccompanied minors, which includes anyone 17 year of age or younger. It’s being called a “parental escort policy,” and, in their own words, it means “all children and teens under 18 years of age who are at the Tinseltown Theater after 6 p.m. must be under the supervision and control of a parent or guardian (21 or older), who must have visual contact with the child or teen.”
The policy also prohibits any one parent or guardian from looking after more than six children or teens by themselves.
If children were already in the cinema before 6 p.m., they must be picked up by a parent or guardian immediately after that film ends, the policy says. After 6 p.m., children will not be permitted into the cinema without a parent or guardian.
According to police, some parents unwittingly drop off their children at the cinema only to have the children run off to other parts of Fayette Pavilion in groups unsupervised. Officials say they hope other stores in Fayette Pavilion will follow suit and enact their own similar policies.
Fayetteville’s child curfew ordinance generally prohibits children 17 and under from being unsupervised in the city after 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and after midnight Friday and Saturday. That curfew is in place until 6 a.m.

By Danny Harrison

Danny Harrison, a 1992 Fayette High School graduate, began his journalism career with Fayette County News in 1995. After taking several leaves of absence to pursue journalism and Christian ministry opportunities, including a few out of state and overseas, he returned full-time to Fayette County News in August 2014. Harrison earned a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry in 2009 while serving as a missionary journalist in England and Western Europe.