The annexed and rezoned 21.6-acre parcel (outlined in red) butts up to roughly 246 acres of undeveloped land (outlined in purple) already zoned Business Park by the City of Fayetteville. The land is on Tyrone Road near Hwy 54.

Fayetteville cleared the way for a potential large development that no one seems to know about (or want to talk about) with a pair of items at Thursday night’s city council meeting. A 21.6-acre parcel was annexed into the city from Fayette County and rezoned from Single Family Residential to Business Park with unanimous votes (Councilman Scott Stacy was not at the meeting) for the annexation and the rezoning.

The property, owned by Jan Trammell, is on Tyrone Road, slightly north of Highway 54, butts up to roughly 246 acres to the east of undeveloped land already zoned Business Park by the City of Fayetteville. Fayetteville combined four parcels together and rezoned them from Single Family Residential to Business Park at its Sept. 7 council meeting.

Due to concerns over traffic impacts on county roads, Fayette County was set to oppose the annexation unless Fayetteville agreed to four conditions: No variances to buffers, a 100-foot setback/landscape area along Tyrone Road, approval of entrances on Tyrone Road, and 50 feet of right-of-way on Tyrone Road.

“If we annex and rezone this property with these conditions in place, then they do not object,” said Director of Community Development Jahnee Prince. “If we don’t, then they do object, and they can be responsible for beginning the arbitration process.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended annexation and rezoning with the conditions set forth by the county.

Details about a potential development have not been made public, though vague projects with potentially wide-ranging implications have been the talk at recent gatherings.

At an October 20 community conversation at the county library, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Eric Maxwell referenced a potential project with huge implications for the area.

“There’s a project out there right now that will change the middle part of the county if it goes through,” said Maxwell, placing it in the general vicinity of Pinewood Studios. “I can’t talk about the particulars or anything, but it’s a project that I’m very excited about.”

While he didn’t give any details, he noted that Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson would know more about it.

“I think there’s somebody here that’s got better information than me, and that’s the mayor,” said Maxwell, adding, “I’m sure he’s under a non-disclosure agreement just like I am.”

Mayor Johnson did not take the bait to talk further.

“I’m not going down with you,” Johnson joked.

At the November 9 county commission meeting where the annexation conditions approved by Fayetteville were proposed, Maxwell expressed frustration over not knowing what the city’s plans for the Tyrone Road parcel could be.

“We would like to know,” he said. “Tell us what the project is.”

Councilman Paul Oddo said that his brother on the county commission, Charles, did not know what the project was and neither did he, and he wondered what would happen to the zoning if the unnamed project doesn’t come to fruition.

“If the company that is coming here ends up not coming in, we’re rezoning it to Business Park no matter who it is,” said Prince.