Marcia A. Demarcus
Marcia A. Demarcus

A 42-year-old Fayette County woman has been charged with First-Degree Vehicular Homicide and nine other charges as a result of allegedly hitting two pedestrians with her car in Fayetteville on Saturday morning.

One of those pedestrians, a 16-year-old girl, has died from her injuries.

According to Fayetteville Police, Marcia A. Demarcus was driving a Mazda pick-up truck along Hood Avenue in Fayetteville at 9:37 a.m. Saturday when she swerved off the roadway and struck two pedestrians, including a teenager and an elderly woman.

Public Information Officer Mike Whitlow said the vehicle apparently “glanced” the elderly woman and hit the teenager “head on.” He said Demarcus also fled the scene, though she was pulled over shortly afterward by Fayette County deputies.

Whitlow said the ladies were walking on the side of Hood Avenue with no sidewalk and near the schools. He said they were going house to house distributing church literature.

Demarcus was arrested Saturday, initially on DUI Drugs and Leaving the Scene of an Accident charges. However, she is now additionally charged with Drug Possession, Possession of Non-Labeled Prescription Drugs, Striking a Fixed Object, Hit and Run (x2), Reckless Conduct, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Use of Drug-Related Objects.