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City Officials Clash at Transportation Committee Over Closing of Crabapple lane

Maurice Ungario left, Kevin Madden middle, Lee Hearn Right

By Michael Cuneo –

Ahead of Peachtree City’s Thursday city council meeting, Peachtree City Councilman Kevin Madden informed the Fayette County Transportation Committee that the city will be closing Crabapple Lane to vehicular traffic.

 Madden, who also serves as the vice-chairman on the Transportation Committee, said that effective Dec. 1, Peachtree City would prevent vehicular traffic on Crabapple Lane.

Kevin Madden

“On Thursday at the city council meeting, it’s on the agenda to discuss the closing of Crabapple Lane,” Madden said. “It is my understanding that the general consensus is that Crabapple Lane will close Dec. 1 to all vehicular traffic. They will establish bollards to allow for the flow of golf carts through for a period between six and 12 months to allow either the county or the city of Tyrone to build a golf cart path from Farr Road to Georgia 74.”

In October, Tyrone Mayor Eric Dial held a meeting with residents of the town to discuss the seemingly inevitable closing of Crabapple Lane. Many citizens at the meeting raised concerns with Peachtree City’s stance on the issue, some even citing racial ties as a possible reason for the idea of closing the road.

Councilman Madden, who lost the race for reelection in the Nov. 2 elections to newcomer Gretchen Caola, received some push back from Fayette Board of Commissioners Chairman Lee Hearn.

Lee Hearn.


“One thing that concerns me about this is that if you close the road and don’t build a cul-de-sac, how do school busses, fire, emergency services vehicles, garbage trucks, anybody who comes down that road for the first time, how do they turn around?”

Madden responded by saying that issue is the problem of the county, not the citizens of Peachtree City.

“That particular problem is not the problem of Peachtree City, Lee.” Madden said when addressing the question from Hearn. “If the county decides they would like to make a cul-de-sac there, that’s a county decision.”

Brooks Manager Maurice Ungaro expressed how the stance from the city is hypocritical, citing areas in Fayetteville where residents can access the Peachtree City golf cart system.

Maurice Ungaro

“On the other side of town, are you gonna restrict golf cart traffic coming from whitewater to gain access to Peachtree Parkway? It seems to be the same issue to me. I’m for putting up a big wall all around the damn thing [Peachtree City]. End of problem, you can live in your bubble.”

Madden also noted that the six to 12 month period is not official and that the Peachtree city council will have to determine the actual amount of time.

“The general consensus is that this would give the good people of Tyrone an opportunity to bring their golf carts that are currently registered with Peachtree city to allow those golf carts to access the city through Kedron hills. For a period of six to 12 months to allow for the easement acquisition and the building of a golf cart path.” Madden said.

Madden was asked why Peachtree City is seemingly rushing the project ahead and not allowing ample time to communicate with the county.

“If you ask the people of Kedron Hills, this has been delayed for over two years. If you discuss it with the people of Kedron Hills, it is way over-delayed.” Madden said.

Madden noted that Peachtree City, not the Kedron Hills Home Owner Association, would fund the installation of the bollard system.

The Peachtree City Council meets on Thursday, Nov. 18. The closing of Crabapple Lane is on the agenda and expected to be voted on. 

By Michael Cuneo

Michael Cuneo is a news and sports reporter for the Fayette County News. Michael graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism in 2020. In his off time, Michael enjoys torturing himself as an Atlanta Falcons fan. Follow Michael on twitter @michaelcune