Only a few miles east of Fayetteville, the City of Lovejoy in southern Clayton County has been chosen as a filming site for the popular “Vampire Diaries” cable television show. Filming was scheduled to start last night, according to city officials.

Covington, located along Interstate 20 east of Atlanta, is a primary filming location for the horror genre vampire drama, though it has been filmed in several locations around metropolitan Atlanta since the series began about five years ago. One episode was filmed at a batting cage facility in east Fayetteville.

The new episodes are being filmed on a 13-acre section of the historic Aukerman estate, which faces Lovejoy Road and backs up to Tara Boulevard. Cinema Greens, a nursery company serving the film industry and which is partly owned by two Fayette County residents, owns the 1889 Aukerman House and surrounding land and had a hand in attracting “Vampire Diaries” to Lovejoy.

Jeff Brown of Fayetteville and S. Ford Jones of Peachtree City are two of the Cinema Greens owners, and Hollywood-based Bryan McBrien is the third. They set up shop in Lovejoy this spring, and at that time they said they intended to attract some sort of Hollywood-type filming project to their property by year’s end.

The plan worked.

According to Lovejoy Police Chief Mark Harris, filming will take place on the Aukerman estate, which is all private land, between today and Friday and then resume Monday and Tuesday.

Lovejoy Mayor Bobby Cartwright, who in his short tenure as mayor has made a name for himself as an aggressive business recruiter, said Tuesday he looks forward to seeing what can happen down the road as the still developing city attracts more attention from the film industry.

“This will be good for us,” Cartwright said. “So far, everything is going smoothly.”