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Fayette County launches new brand, marketing strategy

As part of the Fayette Visioning initiative, the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Fayette County Development Authority, announced its new brand and marketing blueprint for Fayette County. Developed by Development Counsellors International (DCI), the blueprint will direct the County’s cohesive strategy to compete for business investment and workforce recruitment. The three-year plan will enhance economic development, talent attraction and community cohesiveness.

The plan was developed after extensive research into the County’s assets and opportunities. Additional discovery was gained through perception surveys with site selection consultants in the eastern portion of the U.S., young professionals throughout the Atlanta region and local stakeholders, as well as interviews with more than 45 local leaders in government, business and the creative community during county-wide tour.

“We found that Fayette County has a rich history and a bright future based in storytelling” stated Dariel Curren, DCI senior vice president and lead on the Fayette project. “From Margaret Mitchell’s roots in Fayetteville, to Ferrol Sams, to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, Fayette County is a place that inspires individuals and businesses to create great stories. ‘Create Your Story’ is a strong, action-oriented tagline for the brand mark that speaks to multiple audiences targeted by the marketing blueprint.”

“We are thrilled with the new logo and tagline, however the greatest value of DCI’s work lies in the marketing blueprint,” stated Kim Schnoes, 2017 chair of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

“The three-year plan focuses on leveraging multiple media and marketing platforms to tell Fayette County’s stories, as well as showcasing what our community offers to businesses, residents, and potential new talent.”

The Chamber will lead the effort on talent attraction and community cohesiveness.

“In the world of economic development marketing, DCI has a reputation of excellence,” stated Darryl Hicks, chair of the Fayette County Development Authority, the entity that will lead the effort in economic development. “Having this detailed plan will allow our economic development team to develop critical relationships, partner with ongoing industry events and create targeted online and print materials to best showcase Fayette County for investment.”