By Leah Banks 

FAYETTE — The stage was set June 21 as Fayette County hosted the second election for the general primary. 

This time, Democratic candidates took the spotlight as all eyes were on the party’s candidates for county board of education District 4, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, commissioner of insurance and commissioner of labor.

In the runoff for the Fayette County BOE District Four, candidate Regina Daigre bested opponent Patty Mosley by winning 1,086 votes, while Mosley gained 609 votes. Daigre will face GOP candidate William Leon Yarde in the November election. 

While 11 provisional votes were counted in the days following, 3,316 ballots were cast and tabulated out of the 88,416 registered voters in the county alone on Tuesday. This number indicates that only 4.09% of the county cast ballots in this runoff election out of all 36 precincts. 

Brian Hill, the director of elections and voter registration for Fayette County, does not see a shocking deviation from the general primary turnout and the primary runoff turnout but highlights that there will be some changes between those two elections and the general election in November. 

“Usually in primaries and primary runoffs, there are low turnouts, so this really doesnt surprise me. Voter nature, voters usually come out for the General elections because of all the build-up campaigning by the candidates through commercials, debates, mailings and media outlets,” Hill said. 

In the runoff election for lieutenant governor, candidate Charlie Bailey bested opponent Kwanza Hall by tallying 2,367 votes to Hall’s 1,231votes. Bailey will face off against GOP candidate Bruce Jones in the November election. 

For the secretary of state runoff, candidate Bee Nguyen gained the victory over opponent Dee Dawkins-Haigler by gaining a total of 2,973 votes to Dawkins-Haigler’s 613 votes. Nguyen will face GOP candidate and incumbent Brad Raffensperger in the November election. 

In the runoff for commissioner of insurance, candidate Janice Laws Robinson routed opponent Raphael Baker by tallying a total of 2,305 votes to Baker’s 1,203 votes. Robinson will run against GOP candidate and incumbent John King in the November election. 

For the commissioner of labor runoff, candidate William “Will” Boddie, Jr.  2,252 votes to gain a victory over opponent Nicole Horn, who gained 1,285 votes. Boddie, Jr. will face off against GOP candidate Bruce Thompson in the November election. 

While there are some questions with the voter locations once early voting has ended, Hill remains confident in the effects of communication via the county website for any location changes, like the one precinct change that occurred for the primary runoff election. 

“We had one precinct change in this runoff election. That change was at the usual Starrsmill Precinct (One Church) to Whitewater High School.  In my opinion, it really didnt affect the turnout,” Hill said. 

As the county prepares for the upcoming November election, Hill said he hopes for an increase in voter turnout and hopes that the residents of the county will recognize just how much the election office is prepared to serve them. 

“My hope as the election director is that Fayette County voters would come out and vote 100% and that my office will be able to serve them efficiently,” Hill said. 

The November election will take place on Tuesday, November 8.