Kelly Taylor holds a sign showing how many miles she has run over her 50 marathons. Right, she was joined at the end by (L to R) FCHS Principal Dan Lane, Allison Lane, her mother Saundra Martin, Frances Ambrose, Lisa Broadhead, and her husband Jay Taylor.

IMG_1755Fayette County High School Athletic Director Kelly Taylor is more than just an administrator, she’s a fierce competitor. On Mar. 26, Taylor completed her 50th marathon. Skidaway Island was the destination for number 50 on a journey that started a ways back.
“It is amazing to have a goal that you have been working on for that long and then to finally realize it,” says Taylor. “It spanned 26 years from my first marathon in 1990 until now. I am really very proud.”
The trek actually started because she prefers having her feet on the ground to being up in the air.
“The reason that I did it was there had been a discussion among me and my friends about the ’50 Staters.’ These are people that run a marathon in every state,” says Taylor. “Since I don’t like to fly, I said that I did not want to go that route, but that I knew I could run 50 marathons. My original goal was to run 50 by the time I turned 50. I am 53 so I did not quite make that goal, I just tweaked it.”
Friends and family were there as she crossed the finish line on number 50, fitting given how they’ve supported her along the way.
“My husband brought a bunch of shirts without me knowing for all of my friends and family to wear when I crossed the finish line.”