If you think you are relatively safe along the cart paths and byways of Peachtree City, you are correct.

During last week’s retreat session in Peachtree City, Police Chief Janet Moon gave an overview of crime in the city.

Moon said the city responded to more than 60,000 calls in 2018. The more serious crimes are classified as Part 1 crimes, and Peachtree City had 503, compared to 520 in Fayetteville, and 531 in the unincorporated county.

According to Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, there are eight offenses that constitute Part 1 crimes: Murder, non-negligent homicide, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny-theft, and arson.

The city also compared well with regional cities. LaGrange had 1,633 Part 1 crimes, while Newnan had 1,257, and Dalton had 1,372.

Moon said the city is busiest during daylight hours and has an average response time of just over five minutes.