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Entering autos rash leads to cop chase

A two county car chase resulted from a stunning 26 entering autos in three subdivisions on Rockaway Road.

Senoia Police investigator Jason Ercole said the thievery began late Sept. 7 with entering autos in the Ivy Ridge subdivision. After hitting the subdivision, the perpetrators then headed to Peachtree City, where a Mercedes Benz was stolen in the Fairfield area and more autos were entered.

On Monday morning, suspects in the Mercedes were spotted entering autos in the Morning Creek and Martin Wood subdivisions in Senoia, and police started chasing the car. When the car entered Fayette County, officials from the Sheriff’s Department gave chase, but lost sight of the vehicle near the Clayton County line.

Items stolen in Senoia include loose change and one gun, but Ercole said four laptops were thrown from the vehicles.

Ercole reminds residents to please keep their vehicles locked. He said the Senoia Police Department and Peachtree City Police Department are working together to try and solve the crimes.