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Are you a small business that needs help?

Didn’t qualify for any government assistance through the Payroll Protection Plan or Small Business Administration loan opportunities?

You are not alone. Less than 15% of small, local businesses were able to get financial help from the federal government Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) or through Small Business Administration loans. If you are one of these and need money to promote your business, then you are a couple steps away from getting the next three months of advertising free!
Your neighbors are joining with us to support you and your employees. You are the core of our community and are always the ones that give $100.00, $200.00, or even more to sponsor many of the events and charities in our community.
Now it’s time for us to help you, keep your business alive and your families fed!
How it works: Just three steps,

  • FIRST: Fill out the form below (no financial information needed) so we know who you are and how to contact you. If you are a small business (10 full-time employees or less) and did not receive any federal assistance, YOU QUALIFY!
  • SECOND: Our sales associates will contact you within one (1) business day to setup a time to work with you and find out what your advertising needs are and get started promoting your business for FREE over the next three (3) months.
  • THIRD: Each week we will let thousands of our customers know about you and ask them to shop your business!

Thanks for letting us help you as you have helped our community over the years!

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