As The Walking Dead has exploded next door in Coweta County, many key members of the production, from stars to behind-the-scenes workers, have come to call surrounding areas home, and some have taken it upon themselves to get involved in local politics. One not-so-fresh face is lumbering into the race for city council in Fayetteville.

The would-be Councilman Eibmoz believes it is important that the county see many different viewpoints.

“It’s about representation,” he said. “We, the living impaired, have provided such a boost to the local economy, it is only fair that we get a seat at the table. Sure, we might disagree on what should be served at said table, but we should all be there at the dinner bell.”

Among his key campaign promises are an emphasis on walkability and outdoor eateries, a permanent ban on outdoor burning and open-carry machetes, and a refined zoning ordinance.

Most of all, he says he will listen to his constituents.

“I’m ready to hear what citizens have to say,” he said. “I’m eager to pick their brains, if you will.”