As the State Department of Revenue puts the pedal to the metal implementing their new system to process motor vehicle information, the Fayette County Tax Commissioners Office is urging early tag renewal for drivers with a birthday in late May or early June.

On Friday, May 24, the Dept. of Revenue is shutting down GRATIS, the system used for more than 20 years, and transitioning state-wide to DRIVES, which will go live for Fayette residents on Tuesday, May 28.

While Tax Commissioner Kristie King’s staff has been training for weeks to prepare for the new system, there are sure to be unforeseen problems. That’s why she’s advising drivers with a birthday at the end of May or in June to renew their tags in early May to avoid potential problems.

After noon on Thursday, May 23, staff will not be able to handle anymore transactions on the computer in order to have all reports finished before GRATIS is shut off that evening. During the transition period, staff will only be able to verbally assist and will not be able to process any motor vehicle information until the new system is up and running on Tuesday.

If you’re unable to renew your tags early, you won’t be punished.

“If our office cannot assist you, then there will be no penalties,” said King. “It’s the same as if your birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you’re good until that (next business day).”

If your tags are affected by the transition, King’s advice is simple.

“Be patient with us and try to renew early.”