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Dyami Reshaw making waves as 9-year old prodigy

Dyami Reshaw is a young man of many talents. Whether it is karate, soccer, track, or basketball, he finds a way excel at the highest levels.

At nine years old, Dyami is a phenom in Fayette County. He regularly competes at Master Shims World Class Taekwondo and won the running flying kick competition. He also trains with the Bo Bell Basketball Academy and has been featured on YouTube showcasing his dribbling techniques.

One of his biggest accomplishments happened earlier this year. Dyami qualified for the AAU Junior Olympics by winning the jumping events in the nine-year-old division. It was a moment that made his parents proud. It also showed them he had a special athletic gift.

“What he accomplished in one year was amazing, and he took us on an intriguing track and field adventure,” Darryl Reshaw said. “We had no idea when we signed him up for the Fayette Bolts program that he was going to win the AAU Regional and compete in the Junior Olympics.”
Dyami is currently ranked in the top 20 for the long jump. He has competed in Des Moines, Iowa and several AAU events. He trains unattached and works with his parents and coaches at different locations.

With so many different sports, Dyami’s schedule is full of activities. There is school, training sessions, and built-in time for him to relax. This fall, he will play with the Peachtree City Lazers Under-10 soccer team and play basketball with the Peachtree City Youth Basketball Association. On Sundays, he will be training at the basketball academy.

Dyami Reshaw showcases his basketball trophy as he continues his climb as a 9-year old prodigy. (Photo by: Darryl Reshaw)

Some of the training also comes at home. His parents love to exercise and keep Dyami and his siblings on the move. They go on family runs, walks, and biking sessions. The family also plays soccer, tennis, and basketball at the local parks.

“Our main philosophy about developing the kids in sports at the young age is to keep it fun and show them the proper fundamentals of each sport,” Darryl said.
This season, Darryl will coach Dyami’s basketball team. He plays domestically and on internationally on the FIMBA Masters Basketball Circuit. He believes Dyami has a bright future in whatever sport he decides to pursue.

“Everyone is proud of Dyami, and I have certain friends in the community that have played NCAA Division I and professional basketball,” Darryl said. “They all think due to his size, athleticism, and skill that he has the potential to be a NBA player or Olympian in the future.”

Still, he doesn’t want to push his son in any particular direction. He wants him to have fun as a kid and decide at his convenience.

“We want him to have fun for now and enjoy being a kid,” Darryl said. “We see a lot of parents putting too much pressure and having kids specialize way too early which typically results in burn out. The kids usually quit sports in their teens or peak out before college.”

As for right now, Dyami has a skill set that will continue to grow. In his young career, he has played with Upward Basketball, Fayette Bolts track program, and several other leagues.

According to his dad, Dyami plans to play in the NBA and play for either Duke or North Carolina. Time will tell on Dyami’s future, but it is clear that he is a name everyone in Fayette County will know about for a long time.

“This year Dyami won a lot of accolades and they were all special moments,” Darryl said. “Every time he won some type of championship and seeing the look on his face in victory is special.”