Late last week, a drunk driver crashed into this sign at Starr’s Mill High School. (Staff photo by Christopher Dunn)

by Joe Walker

A suspected drunk driver on Friday, Apr. 8, crashed her car on campus at Starr’s Mill High School, destroying a large sign near the soccer and lacrosse practice fields.
On arrival, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Tommy Grier found the 28-year-old driver of the vehicle, Kristen Bowsher, speaking with other officers on scene. According to a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office report, the driver was driving a black Volkswagen CC at a high rate of speed before going airborne after hitting a speed hump. The car left the road resulting in the destruction of the sign and surrounding shrubberies.
Bowsher, who reportedly spoke with slurred speech and had difficulty maintaining her balance, initially agreed to a field sobriety evaluation but later declined before the evaluation could be initiated.
When Grier attempted to place the driver under arrest, Bowsher refused to enter the officer’s patrol car and became combative, kicking the officer twice in the chest. The driver later admitted to taking shots of vodka and various prescription medications, such as anti-anxiety medication and Propranolol.
Bowsher’s car was found to contain an empty Xanax bottle and three vodka bottles, the same size as those found on airplanes. The driver was eventually subdued and taken to the Fayette County Jail.
Bowsher has being charged with DUI (Multiple Substances), Reckless Driving, and Willful Obstruction with Violence, the latter of which is a felony charge.