Fayette County


Drip Not Save A Lot

Shelby Bollen is a student at Starr’s Mill High School.

January being the start of the new year has been a time for honest self-reflection and the start of resolutions! The sky is the limit to the number or kind of resolutions you make, but more likely than not something to better yourself is high on the list. The month might be coming to a close, but you still have time to make a change and begin again, so, while you are improving yourself, how about adding one more thing to your list of resolutions? Reduce your environmental water footprint, drip not save a lot.

Think about how you use water each and every day, it’s that simple! We are blessed to have readily-accessible water right at our fingertips, so we don’t really think beyond opening the tap, unless we are in a drought, but we really should. Have you ever thought how your use of water would change if you had to carry water from a source to your home? At roughly eight pounds per gallon of water, your resolution of improved personal fitness would be well underway.
The creation of indoor plumbing and of course the water heater made for more mindless consumption by way of the long hot soak and shower!

Oh don’t misunderstand, modern conveniences are essential time savers, but they can be water wasters too. You probably don’t have any idea how much time you really spend in the shower…..well it is longer than you think. The average shower is a minimum of eight minutes, but most likely 10 or more, at an average of 2.1 gallons of water per minute making for a lot of water down the drain. Depending on the size of your family and frequency of showers taken, that is also a lot of money down the drain.

Our fresh water resources aren’t unlimited, we just think they are. What if you were challenged to take shorter showers, say five minutes or less? You heard that right, five minutes or less, and yes you can master the short shower. The first step is knowing how much time you actually spend in the shower, so time yourself. Then the next time you shower, get moving, do it as fast as you possibly can. If you aren’t at five minutes or less, try showering to music. Not just any music, only five minutes of music. Pick a song or two you enjoy that come in at five minutes or less, and when the music stops, so does the shower, and don’t cheat.

Before you know it, you will improve your water footprint and lessen your impact on the environment, which makes for another successful resolution on your list.
This article was written in an effort to support my Girl Scout Gold Project “Drip Not Save A Lot,” which focuses on conserving our fresh water resources and lessening our impact on the environment one drop at a time. The smallest of changes in how we use water can make a difference in future availability. Let us be a community that masters the short shower.