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‘Don’t feed the gator,’ warns PTC’s police chief

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Don’t feed Flat Creek Floyd. That was the message Peachtree City Chief of Police Janet Moon delivered at Thursday night’s city council meeting.
The alligator calling local waters home, dubbed “Flat Creek Floyd,” has gained national notoriety, but Peachtree City is hoping to find him a new home in as safe a fashion as possible.
“I need your help. Please do not feed the alligator,” said Moon. “If the alligator gets used to being fed by humans, when we trap him we will not be able to relocate him.”
Moon noted that the current plan is to relocate the gator at least 100 miles south of Fayette County. The Department of Natural Resources has sent a contract trapper to work on catching him. The process could take a several weeks because trapping is more difficult in public waters.
“If (the gator) gets used to people feeding him, the only other option we’ll have for Flat Creek Floyd is we’ll have to euthanize him,” was Moon’s dire warning.
Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove was also mentioned as a possible home for Floyd once he is caught.
Earlier in the meeting, council approved step two of the annexation and rezoning request to annex Starr’s Mill Academy Pre-School and Childcare into Peachtree City. Starr’s Mill Academy is located on a 6.71-acre tract of land across the street from Starr’s Mill High School.

By Christopher Dunn

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