Jack Bernard is a retired SVP with a national firm. He is also the former Chair of the Jasper County Commission and Republican Party.

“I don’t know of anyone in his inner circle who can say to him: ‘Mr. President, when it comes to civil rights and race issues, let me give you some hindsight, some insight, and some foresight on these issues”’
~ X-Rep. JC Watts (R-Ok, NBC, 8-20)

Rep. Watts, I believe that there is someone who has tried to get through to him. I don’t have an actual recording of the conversation that Ivanka and her Dad had after Trump’s remarks on the Charlottesville tragedy, but I am sure that it went something like this:
Donald: Did you see the news, Ivanka? They are criticizing me again for just saying that both sides share the blame. Fake News!
Ivanka: Yes, Dad. But, I am not sure you are totally on solid ground here.
Donald: Didn’t you see those lefties who were attacking those poor guys who just wanted to preserve their monuments and their history? It’s huge!
Ivanka: Dad, the rally was held by the Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists. They just used the Confederate monuments as an excuse to be there. And, they deliberately chose a liberal college town close to DC and NYC so they would get lots of publicity. They were just looking for trouble and almost all the violence was on the part of the racists.
Donald: Those KKK people were there, but there were many good people with them. Many!
Ivanka: Dad, why would good people be marching with violent racists?
Donald: And, there were bad people on the other side, the alt-left.
Ivanka: Pop, where did you get that word? There is no “alt-left. The Black Panthers and the Weatherman disappeared 40 years ago. The “alt-left” is just a made up term to try to show a nonexistent false equivalence between white supremacists and those standing against racism.
Donald: What about those Black Lives Matters (BLM) people and the shootings of police officers?
Ivanka: Pop, come on, don’t you know BLM supporters are not black supremacists? They are just normal folks who want to make sure that the police don’t shoot defenseless black people like we have seen on the videos. And, BLM does not advocate shooting police. I just do not see how you can equate them with white supremacists who obviously have a long and proven history of horrible violence.
Donald: Wrong! I was watching Fox News and there were many instances of violent black people on the news. It’s true, I saw it! I mean, I understand it because those people are all poor and weren’t raised like you and me. And, you know, they are not that smart. I’m not prejudiced. It’s not their fault, it’s genetic. They are better at sports than we are.
Ivanka: Dad, you are wrong and please don’t say these ignorant, bigoted things to me. There are violent people of all races, and separatist Black groups here and there, Dad. But performing violent acts in the name of racial purity is something that historically is concentrated in the white supremacist movement. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) documents thousands of cases of violence against people due to race, religion, and sexual orientation. Attacks on Jews and Muslims have escalated tremendously since you’ve been in office and I am concerned. Aren’t you?
Donald: Have you been listening to the Fake News again? You have to learn to ignore anything that you see on TV news unless it is on Fox, the only honest network. Man, I hate that Ailes passed, Roger was a really good guy who liked women just like I do. Anyway, those people control what you hear and see on television, except on Fox.
Ivanka: Wait, what people, father? Jews?
Donald: I never said that, but I have heard that many times. Anyway, your husband is one of the good ones, not like that leaker Gary Cohn who criticized my Charlottesville remarks when I was just being fair and balanced.
Ivanka: Father, remember, I converted! You’re talking about me and your grandchildren!
Trump: Yeah, so, what’s the problem? Now, your one of the good ones too! Not like that Schumer. He’s a real Jew, clannish, just like all those people.
Ivanka: Pop, when you say things like that, someone might get the wrong impression and think that you are hopelessly bigoted.
Trump: Me? No way. I employ lots of Jewish lawyers, they’re shrewd and not overly honest. And that Steve Miller, he really is one of the good ones. He says whatever I tell him to as long as I pay him enough.
Ivanka: Dad, my Rabbi tells me that people who ignore and excuse bigotry are just as bad as those who practice it, maybe even worse.
Trump: Forget about it. You just can’t believe those people. I really don’t know what they have done to you, Ivanka!

Author’s Note: This piece is satirical, however, there is no excuse for bigotry by any true American, especially the leader of the free world. Nevertheless, Trump continues his racially insensitive, divisive remarks. Recently, he zeroed in on the NFL, Muslims and Native Americans, but before that we had Charlottesville.