If the city signs off on rezoning and variances, Dolce Hotel in Peachtree City may be totally revamped into a large-scale, indoor water park resort.

An application for rezoning available on the city’s website showed Great Wolf Lodge of Georgia, LLC, a subsidiary of Great Wolf Resorts Holdings Inc., is seeking a rezoning for the 38.429-acre property from General Commercial (GC) to Limited Use Commercial (LUC) to redevelop the property into a Great Wolf resort, of which there are currently 13 in the country.

The “Rezoning Narrative” submitted said Great Wolf operates the largest chain of indoor water park resorts in North America. Those facilities are designed with “lodge” architecture which the applicant said will preserve the property’s “natural resources” and emphasize “low impact design solutions to the greatest extent possible.”

The new development would involve renovation of a “substantial amount” of the existing Dolce facility and an expansion to its space.

Currently, Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree has 236 guest rooms (including three executive suites), 65 meeting rooms as well as restaurants, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The plan from Great Wolf included a total of 398 guest rooms with 173,615 square feet of entertainment, retail, restaurant, meeting and support space.

The Rezoning Narrative said the indoor water park and fitness center would be available only to resort guests, with operating hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday. The resort will operate year round.

A number of areas will be open to the public, including retail stores, an arcade, a theater, restaurants, miniature golf, a bowling alley, a ropes course, children’s spa and meeting rooms.

The application indicates the city’s Comprehensive Plan designates this area of Aberdeen Village as “Commercial,” and argues an LUC zoning would fit within that plan.

In part of the Rezoning Narrative, the applicant touts the effect the development would have on the local community.

“The proposed use should create additional revenues to the City through property taxes estimated to be approximately $108,000 and $1,500,000 respectively. In addition, county property taxes are estimated to be approximately $433,000 and county and state sales taxes are estimated to be approximately $1,700,000,” the Rezoning Narrative reads.

As many as 500 employees are expected to be employed at the facility at “peak operating times.”

The narrative notes there is “no other resort of this type in the Metro-Atlanta market, which should create a unique demand proposition for the property’s ongoing success.”

The narrative also notes the city’s transportation consultant, Pond & Company, has done a preliminary analysis of traffic generated by the water park. It said the results are not complete but suggested the traffic flow should be similar to its current level at Dolce, because the new use “will eliminate the conference center and replace it with a destination where patrons will arrive and stay at the Resort for longer periods of time than conference attendees.”

In addition to the rezoning, Great Wolf is looking for three variances:

-A reduction in the City Stream Buffer in certain areas;

-A reduction of the 75-foot setback and buffer from the northern property line to 40-feet for the water park building and 20-feet for a proposed access drive; and

-Waiving of any requirement to provide additional storm water management facilities for existing impervious areas of the property.