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Dateline: Manchester, England

James Studdard is an attorney and regular contributor to this newspaper. He may be reached, if absolutely necessary, at Studlaw2000@yahoo.com.

The Ariana Grande concert has just ended and thousands of teens and pre-teens are giggling and screaming, showing their selfies, and long distant cell phone pictures of the pop star. The atmosphere is charged with the kind of energy only the young can display. Hundreds of children whose ages ranged from 8 to 18 packed the exits, paying no attention to their surroundings (what 8 year old does?), some looking for their parents, some looking for their ride home and some just day dreaming about actually seeing their pop idol in person. It was, really, like a dream. Suddenly the dream became a nightmare. A violent explosion sent an avalanche of deadly nuts, bolts and nails through the mass of humanity, mostly children. The children who died probably, and mercifully, did not feel the pain of an instantaneous death. But the nightmare continues for the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters and friends who feel the pain and will feel it for the rest of their lives. Take just one moment; close your eyes, imagine the scene ten seconds after the bomb detonates. You can’t.
According to ABC News, the bomber’s father, Ramadan Abedi was a member of an al-Qaida-linked Islamic group in Libya, yet he was accepted as a “refugee” by the British government. Meanwhile over in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Obama appointees are overreaching judicial authority, pressing liberal agendas, and insulting our intelligence, and besmirching the memories of the lost souls of innocents to Islamist terrorist, by blocking the President’s ban on refugees until extreme vetting is complete.
I thought that this atrocious act would at least change the daily news of the elite media from Trump/Russia bashing for a while. But noooo! Over at MSNBC they were focused on the real news, i.e., Trump’s collusion with Russia, even as children could be heard screaming in the Manchester footage. It sadly points up the fact of how much our President is despised by main stream media. Their ideological bubble has been burst and they just cannot accept it. One of the hosts remarked: Islam is a religion of peace, so what else could it be but some balloons popping. The media, finally, pitifully untimely (the next day), gasped, kicked and screamed, but had to admit that the bomber was the son of one of the Libyan refugees. They never did say the M word.
Notice also that the media never criticized England as being a haven for radical Islamists. Remember Khalid Masood? This is the terrorist who ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside Westminster Hall back in March. This Islamist thug, like the Manchester bomber, was allowed to slip through surveillance according to Neil Basl, the so-called Senior Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism in the UK. Meanwhile, over in Moscow, Putin and a few of his comrades are sipping vodka, and having a belly laugh at the left wing hysteria about the Putin/Trump connection. And just when you thought the left had stooped a low as they could in the Trump bashing campaign, along comes nobody comedian (and SNL wannabe) Kathy Griffin posing for a picture of her holding up the severed head of our President for all the world and the President’s eleven year old son to see.
I rather agree with Ann Coulter’s suggestion: I paraphrase and take some ad-lib license:
Just for fun and revenge, we drop a mid-size nuke on any city involved in coddling and protecting terrorists.
We triple the immigration moratorium, and if challenged, we wage an all out assault on the Ninth Circuit Court, or in the alternative: We deport the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.