As students across Georgia return to school this month, technology is helping students with learning disabilities excel in academics. Students like Kenny Fells, a rising seventh grader from Fayetteville, are finding success online.
Fells started his education in a traditional brick and mortar school, but had always struggled to maintain focus and sit still for long periods of time. No one picked up on the fact that he had a combination of ADHD and dyslexia until he truly started to struggle academically. By the time he was finally diagnosed, his reading and spelling levels were far below where they needed to be, which ultimately led to harsh bullying from his classmates and, occasionally, teachers.
“In public school, he was called stupid,” said Charlie Fells, Kenny’s father. “Even by the teachers. Eventually they gave up on him and just took him off their radar.”
After a hitting a brick wall in the traditional school system midway during his fourth grade year, Fells’ parents decided to enroll him in Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), an online public charter school powered by K12 Inc. More than 14,500 Georgia public school students enrolled in GCA last school year.
GCA is based entirely online, which means that, with the power of an internet connection, Fells has the flexibility to complete his school work wherever and whenever is best for him. Instead of struggling to sit still in a classroom for six consecutive hours, Fells can complete his classwork throughout the day at times when he’s best able to focus and succeed.
In addition to allowing Fells to work on his own schedule, GCA teachers provide one-to-one instruction for each of their students, ensuring that he receives the necessary amount of attention needed to get a full understanding of the material.
“GCA has bent over backward to help him,” said Charlie. “He needs a lot of extra help and guidance, but he’s making great progress.”
For Fells, academics will always be a struggle, but with the teaching and extra, personalized help from GCA he is finding success and making incredible progress with his education.
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