By Sydney Spencer

The CVS Pharmacy off Highway 85 North in Fayetteville was struck by a Penske truck on Monday morning.

Fayetteville Police rushed to the scene quickly to contain the scene. Traffic was rerouted near Kathi Avenue for vehicles to avoid the incident’s area.

No fatalities were reported as of this publication time.

Employees from the Papa John’s adjacent to the CVS Pharmacy became aware of the situation after it had happened. They spoke with the Fayette County News, although they did not witness the actual incident take place.

“I’m assuming it happened early morning because everyone was just standing around. I didn’t see anyone come out of the store,” said Denis Kavazovic.

The incident left a big hole in the right side of the building and trees near the sidewalk were damaged. Fayetteville Police and the ambulance had the entrance blocked off, but bystanders and civilians could still see the aftereffects.

Lanes opened back up shortly after everything was sorted out. The matter is still under investigation.

Another view of the CVS store after the collision from the large moving truck. Photo by Sydney Spencer