The Coweta County School System now may have a case of COVID 19 on its hands.
In a letter dated March 11, school officials laid out the facts.
“School officials were contacted by a parent of students at Canongate and Madras Middle schools on the evening of March 11. The parent informed school officials that a family member in their household is being evaluated for COVID-19. This family member has been recommended to quarantine for 14 days while it is determined if they test positive for COVID-19. At this time, it has not been determined if this family member is in fact positive for COVID-19.
“The parent who notified the school system has informed school officials that their students and household family members will self-quarantine until a diagnosis is returned as negative or until they receive further instructions from health officials. Health officials and the school system are acting out of an abundance of caution to quickly identify cases of COVID-19 and take the appropriate public health action to reduce its spread and protect the general public,” the release reads.
Normal school operations are being held today at Canongate Elementary and Madras Middle School.
“If the school system becomes aware of a confirmed case, however, we will inform our parents and stakeholders immediately, and will seek guidance from the Georgia Department of Public Health. We will also work to keep parents informed of events related to this evolving health situation. We will continue to work closely with other governmental and health agencies to receive the most accurate information available, which we will communicate to our parents. Please feel free to call the Coweta County Superintendent’s Office or your child’s principal if you have further questions.”