Calling an unfavorable outcome inevitable if they chose to fight it, the County Board of Commissioners voted not to oppose Peachtree City’s annexation for a mixed-use development.

Peachtree City will annex 28.8 acres at SR 54 and Sumner Road and the property owner will convert it to a mixed-use development of 27 single-family lots, 3.5 acres of office, 4.2 acres of commercial, and 9.5 acres open space.

Though the county may not like the plan or its added density and safety concerns, their options to fight the annexation are limited by state law. Unless the county can demonstrate the annexation would create a material burden or impact on the county, especially on its infrastructure, they have no basis to win an objection, and Planning & Zoning Director Pete Frisina confirmed that was why staff was recommending not to fight the request.

“I feel somewhat handcuffed on this,” Chairman Eric Maxwell said.

While he did not like the increased density, Maxwell did not think the county could win a lawsuit if they fought the annexation.

“I think the Board would lose that lawsuit,” Maxwell said.

Commissioner Randy Ognio agreed and offered his opinion on the matter.

“Annexations are just in favor of the city mostly. The county don’t have much control over it,” he said. “We just don’t have a big material burden on this one, so there’s nothing to object to.”

The land, dubbed the Bradshaw Family LLP Tract), had been debated for more than two decades, and the county acknowledged the current plan was likely they most agreeable they had seen.

Commissioner Steve Brown, who had been familiar with the land in question dating back to his time in Peachtree City government, agreed.

“It’s probably the best plan that he’s ever come up with on this property,” he said. “I think this is by far the best case scenario.”

The commissioners voted unanimously to not oppose the annexation request.