Fayette County


County to demand border wall on Coweta’s dime

by Daisy Florapol
Special to Fayette Newspapers

A SPLOST isn’t enough to protect our best resources, says Commissioner Steve Brown, who will ask the county to begin work on a border wall to keep Coweta Countians from freely entering into Fayette.

Coweta residents who lawfully enter Fayette to shop and dine and pay their taxes to us are not the targets. Saying he is sure that some from Coweta are good people, Brown promised to fight the “bad hombres” who would take our Chick-fil-A and golf caddie jobs.

“They’re pouring over on multi-use paths with no repercussions, and we have to put a stop to it,” he said. “They’re feeding our ducks to the point that they are too full to accept bread from true Fayette residents.”

Many Coweta sympathizers have been gathering, both in person in a Starbuck’s meeting room and in a private Facebook group, to outline how best to help those who would still search for the Fayette Dream. They share heartbreaking tales of those inconvenienced by rising tension. One mother and her child sped along the path looking for refuge at Mike and C’s. The little girl shuddered with fear, over a tall glass of chocolate milk with whipped cream on top, as she spoke about the bad man with glasses who hated her people – Coweta residents.

Brown’s plan is a clear one with a simple fiscal plan.

“We will build a great wall. Nobody will build a better wall than us, believe me, and we’ll build it very inexpensively,” said Brown. “We will build a great, great wall on our western border, and we’ll make Coweta pay for that wall.”

In order to help pay down the cost of the wall, they will allow Coweta to use repurposed sections of the wall from The Walking Dead set.

“We’re not unreasonable monsters about this. The wall doesn’t have to be polished gold, just something that meets with our very stringent ordinances.”

The call for a wall is just the latest salvo between the two counties after fellow commissioner Randy Ognio made fun of the many pronunciations of “Senoia,” leading to a cancelled summit at Truett’s Luau between the entities.

“We need those Coweta folks coming over here like we need another roundabout,” quipped Ognio.


Ed. Note: April Fool’s!