As federal employees continue to face the fallout from the government shutdown, local entities are working to ease the burden. 

At Thursday night’s County Board of Commissioners meeting, County Administrator Steve Rapson announced both the county’s water department and the Peachtree City Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) are working on a deferment plan to ensure that federal employees who are without a paycheck do not have their water cut off. 

“Since they’re not getting a paycheck, we’d like to put in a deferment program for the water department for folks that can validate that they’re one of those federal employees not being paid,” Rapson said. “If they can’t pay their water bill, we’ll defer paying until they get paid, and, in the meantime, we’ll make sure we’re not shutting their water off, and when they do get paid, they can settle up with us what they owe, but we’ll waive the penalties and interest.”

The final details are not hammered out yet, such as how long a grace period they get after their first paychecks before they have to settle their bill, but WASA will follow the same approach.

“It’s an unusual circumstance, and it hasn’t become an issue yet, but I know there are some federal employees within the county that are currently experiencing that, so we just wanted to put that option out there.”