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There could soon be chickens in a neighborhood near you.
At Thursday night’s meeting, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance amendment that will allow for chickens to be kept in residential areas. The new rule will allow up to six chickens on a property for the first acre, with three more chickens allowable for each additional acre of property size, up to a maximum of 12 chickens on a three-acre lot.
“We’re trying to maintain the rural nature of Fayette County, and this is one way to do that,” said Chairman Charles Oddo.
The ordinance change initially called for three chickens for the base one acre up to a maximum of five. Commissioner Randy Ognio proposed the higher limits, saying three chickens might not even be enough to produce homegrown eggs to feed a family.
It also called for no on-site slaughter of the chickens, a rule Commissioner Steve Brown fought to have removed. Brown felt it was unfair to force the homeowners to take the chickens elsewhere when they can catch a fish, clean it, and eat it on their property.
The ordinance, with the suggested changes from Ognio and Brown, passed unanimously.