Fayette County has a budget in place. At their June 27 meeting, the County Board of Commissioners approved the proposed FY2020 budget 3-1, with Commissioner Charles Rousseau voting in opposition and Commissioner Eric Maxwell absent. 

The total budget comes in at $105,060,214, with the biggest piece of expenditures going towards personnel costs at 65 percent. 

County Manager Steve Rapson noted that a key feature of the budget is a 9.09 percent raise for all public safety employees, to include the Sheriff’s Office, county fire, 911, code enforcement, and the Marshal’s Office.

He said the raise is aimed at “ensuring that we maintain our competitiveness in the market.”

Commissioner Rousseau clarified that his vote was not one against raises for public safety, but was instead a vote of principal that some increases were automatic while others are based on an evaluation. 

“In no way shape, form, or fashion was I opposed to bringing them up to speed with respect to recruitment, retention, and a benefits package that is worthy of them serving the people of this county,” he said, noting that county staff would be eligible for merit-based raises, while administration got a guaranteed five-percent bump. “Other people shouldn’t have to go through a merit-based system when others are given an automatic raise.

“I support the budget, I support the effort, I support law enforcement, but I think our people were worthy of something higher than what was proposed.”