It’s all about Lights, Camera, Action as students in the Community for Creativity pilot at Rising Starr Middle School worked with Malt Maker Media crew recently to create their own original film.

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Students in the Community for Creativity pilot at Rising Starr Middle School (RSMS) are learning hands-on from industry professionals how to create a film from script to final product.

Seventh and eighth grade students in this innovative new initiative are telling the story of the Community for Creativity initiative by making their own video, working side-by-side on a real set with film and media professionals. Students have experienced first hand their specific areas of interest such as script writing, makeup, lighting, sound, acting, dance, music, props, set design, camera operations, directing, editing, and more.

A team of industry professionals from production studio Malt Maker Media guided the students to create content through “authentic storytelling,” bringing the film project to life. Malt Maker’s team encouraged the students to learn by doing, using Malt Maker’s industry standard equipment and working side by side with production experts.

“The Community for Creativity is a remarkable program,” said Tommy Ruth, Malt Maker Media CEO. “It has the potential to shift the education paradigm on a national scale, and we are extremely excited to be a part of the collaborative effort to get this program off the ground.”

Take one! Community for Creativity students at Rising Starr Middle School are learning first hand how films are made from local industry professionals.

In addition to the Malt Maker team, students also worked with professional actors, lighting professionals, and prop designers from Founders Studios and EightoEight Props in the creation of their film.

Using the actual classrooms at RSMS as the set for two days of filming in late September, students worked both in front of the camera and behind the camera to tell their story. Additionally, members of the Malt Maker team captured video of the students as they worked on their film, creating a “video within a video” final product.

“The innovative partnership with Malt Maker Media and their team of volunteers has brought a new dimension of hands on learning to students in the Community for Creativity program which is tailored to the unique interests of our students,” said Christy Todd, Community for Creativity Program Facilitator. “This opportunity also provided training in the necessary 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication, as the students worked together across departments as a team to tell their story. This innovative partnership really puts into perspective for students the opportunity they have to become a contributor in Georgia’s creative economy.”

For more information on how to partner or engage with the Community for Creativity, contact Virginia Gibbs, innovative partnership development coordinator for Fayette County Public Schools at


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