A request to table an agenda item was met with resistance in a rare occurrence at Thursday night’s County Board of Commissioners meeting.

On the agenda was a discussion of a 2016 accident involving a county vehicle driven by County Administrator Steve Rapson. Commissioner Steve Brown requested to move the item to the next meeting when a full Board would be present, as Charles Rousseau was absent.

Standard practice sees items pushed back regularly without opposition at the request of any commissioner. Randy Ognio and Charles Oddo opted to buck the trend.

“We’ve always extended this courtesy to a Board member whenever they’ve wanted to do this,” said Brown.

Oddo said it isn’t always the practice to table items as requested.

“It hasn’t been professional courtesy since I’ve been on the Board,” he said. “It’s happened, but I’ve had my requests to table denied.”

Brown countered that the denial Oddo referenced was because it was the second consecutive request and that it was approved the first time Oddo asked for it to be postponed.

Pressed for someone to second Brown’s motion to table, Ognio mumbled, “It’s on the agenda now.”

Chairman Eric Maxwell, after Ognio and Oddo refused, seconded the motion so it could be discussed and voted on. The motion failed 2-2, and Brown withdrew his agenda item to resubmit it at a later meeting.