Calling it a chance to keep the right person on the job, the County Board of Commissioners approved a raise for County Administrator Steve Rapson at Thursday night’s meeting.

“We need the right person in place, and I think Steve has been the right person for the last six years,” said Commissioner Charles Oddo.

The new contract goes into effect March 1, 2019 and expires December 31, 2022. It includes what Commissioner Eric Maxwell called a “small increase” to $191,100.67, the first increase in three years, he said. Additionally, if county employees are given an annual increase, Rapson would get a 2.75 percent increase for that year and going forward.

Maxwell called it one of the most important decisions the Board makes, likening it to the vote to replace the county’s 911 radio system at $14.9 million.

“If you don’t have the right person in place, then it certainly can create bigger problems than 11 or 12 or 13 million dollars,” he said.

Commissioner Edge Gibbons shared his support.

“I’ve seen few people that combine the technical skills and the leadership skills that you have, Steve, and you’ve got my utmost confidence in your ability, and I hope we keep you for a good long time.”