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Come get your Marquis Magazine!

marquiscover2015-copyOur  first edition of the Marquee Magazine was very popular with readers last year, and we’re excited to present the Marquis for 2015.

We slightly tweaked the name, but the purpose of the magazine is the same–a visually engaging mini-tour through some of the state’s most interesting places.

This year we focused on a couple areas in particular with the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area and the region around Cartersville. There’s plenty more beyond those sections. We suspect even long time residents will find something in the magazine that they did not know about their state.

As always our magazines are free and available in various locations around the county. Come by our office behind the IHOP in Fayetteville to get your copy. Our address is 210 Jeff Davis Place.

You can also view the 2015 Marquis online!