There’s being taken to the cleaners, and then there’s losing your car.

A north Fayette County man called the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department at 1:15 a.m. Dec. 15 to report that his 2014 Mercedes was missing from his driveway. When asked about suspects, the victim said it may have been his new cleaning lady.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the victim met the suspect, known only as Kia, on Old National Highway on the afternoon of Dec. 14. He told officers the woman needed money, and he told her he would drive her to his house on Lafayette Drive in north Fayette County, and she could clean his home. When finished, he would drive her back to College Park.

The man returned to his home, showed Kia where the cleaning supplies were, and then subsequently fell asleep in the living room with the keys to his Mercedes on a table near him, Babb said.

When he woke up at 10 p.m., he noticed both Kia and his Mercedes were gone. He called a friend and went looking for the car, but could not find it. The investigation is continuing.