Clairmont Dental is hosting a decorating contest through August 31.  Whichever garden planter design garners the most votes will see that team get to award the proceeds to their charity of choice.

Clairmont Dental wants to help a couple of causes close to their heart.
From their pumpkin contest to dressing up for Halloween to pajama day and playing the Polar Express, serving hot chocolate, and cookies at Christmas, at Clairmont Dental they like to have fun.
What is their latest fun project? A garden planter competition! They divided into two teams, each choosing their favorite community charity, then planning and planting in the outside planter boxes labeled A (tooth fairy) and B (toothville). The patients are the judges!
One charity is the Fayette County Humane Society. Seeing so many dogs and cats abused and thrown out is heart wrenching with few laws in place to protect them, so FHS is dedicated to ending the needless suffering of unwanted cats and dogs through adoption and an aggressive spay/neuter program. FHS receives no federal or state funding and relies solely on the generosity of our community to donate. They are staffed entirely by volunteers so 100 percent of the donations goes to supporting the animals who are in need of medical help and a forever home. They have no shelter so all animals rescued live in foster homes until adopted.
The other charity is the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center which serves women of all ages, as well as their families, husbands, boyfriends, and friends who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer counseling, pregnancy testing, material assistance, referrals, and resources for pregnancy and parenting, ultrasounds, and help the moms earn credits towards clothing and baby supplies.
Clairmont’s goal is to get a minimum of a 1,000 people to vote with a minimum of a $1 donation. To date, they have raised $200. Patients are having so much fun looking at the planter boxes, voting, and donating, they thought they would ask the community to join in on the fun. Whether or not you are a patient, you can vote and make a donation by going to the office in person to see the planter boxes, go inside to vote and leave your donation, or you can google Clairmont Dental and click on Facebook to see the pictures, then mail your vote and donation to Clairmont Dental, 290 Hwy 314, Suite A, Fayetteville, GA. 30214, Attn: Debbie Mortell.
When voting, please write the letter A (Tooth Fairy) or B (Toothville). The competition ends August 31, 2017, and all proceeds collected will be donated to the winning team’s charity by the patients and supporters of Clairmont Dental.
Please help Clairmont Dental surpass our goal by voting, donating and supporting these wonderful local charities.
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