Graphic illustrating the anticipated development intensities along Willowbend Rd.

For the last few months, Peachtree City has floated the idea of developing the area around City Hall and the library into a new downtown or city center. The idea has received mixed reviews, and one of the many questions centers around traffic impacts.

In a transportation study undertaken by the Peachtree City Council, the traffic impacts seem to be clear. The study completed by Pond shows the Level of Service currently at a B for the Northlake Drive-Willowbend Road intersection during the morning rush hour, while it grades out as a C for the evening rush.

The Flat Creek Road-Willowbend Road intersection grades out as a B for both morning and afternoon peak commute times.

“Generally speaking, an LOS of A through D is considered acceptable, while LOS of E or F are considered less desirable, with infrastructure improvements often needed to improve the movement of traffic,” the study reads.

The study indicates the LOS for 2030 with city hall redevelopment would bring the Northlake intersection down to a C in the morning rush, while Flat Creek would remain a B in the morning and afternoon.

The study does offer a remedy for the situation.

“Right turn lanes improve capacity at intersections and improve safety by separating vehicles continuing through an intersection from those decelerating to turn right. Based on GDOT standards and projected development traffic, a right turn lane should be constructed in both directions of SR 54 at Northlake Drive/Willowbend Road,” the study indicates.

The study also offers other solutions for the proposed redevelopment.

“East of the intersection with Flat Creek Road/Willowbend Road is an existing median opening that has been shown in the redevelopment plan as the future location of a new driveway into the Peachtree City Hall area. In order to accommodate extending the westbound left turn lane at Flat Creek Road/Willowbend Road, the existing eastbound U-turn area should be removed at this driveway. In the existing and proposed configurations, this eastbound U-turn serves no need that the signal doesn’t serve. To ensure safety, preserve capacity, and comply with GDOT standards, this driveway should be converted to an RCUT intersection. Travelers from the library area who wish to travel west on SR 54 can make a U-turn at the Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center intersection, or use internal roadways to access SR 54 from Willowbend Road.” the study said.